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2018-11-5 · Stone. Stone is a company that services its customers through payment and management tools, flexible financial products, with no bureaucracy and close and efficient service, enabling them to be more autonomous and increasingly more independent. …

Quarries, Quarries Owners

2021-10-11 · Brazil. Juparana Golden Khan Granite Quarry. STONE HILL BRAZIL LTDA. Brazil. Astrus Black Granite Quarry. Santo Antonio Granitos Ltda. Brazil. …

GSB Granite

Soap Stone learn more Granite Suppliers of Brazil is a contemporary international granite supplier with roots in Vitória - ES and Cachoeiro de Itapemirim - ES. Since 2010, we have focused on bringing rare exotic materials with restricted access and a personalized …

Guidoni Group buys Brazilian quarries | Aggregates Business

2019-2-8 · Brazilian ornamemtal stone extraction and processing company Guidoni Group has bought two quarries in the country. The quarries are Via Lactea and Emerald Green, which supply two new stones. Guidoni Group, which is based in Espìrito …

Stone Companies from Brazil

Stone Companies, Brazil. we have own quarries and industries of slates and quartzites in Brazil and we are acting in the minerals extraction and comercialization since 1968. We have five slate colors, such as gray, green, purple, black, multicolor and we supply them in tiles, slabs, roofing and cut to size. Our quartzite are white, green, yell.

Peppermint Granite Quarry

2001-1-1 · Peppermint Granite is a durable granite from Brazil with a small intricate pattern of grays and greens. Peppermint Granite is available in polished slabs and recommended for commercial and residential projects including outdoor landscaping and flooring in climates with freezing temperatures.

American becomes a quarrying force in Brazil

2010-9-2 · In addition to selling materials from its own quarries, Everest Export also entered into an agreement with Minete Mineracao Ltda. to market blocks of Red Dragon granite. Located at the city limits of Sobral, the quarry produces 100 cubic meters of stone per month, although that could be increased to 200 cubic meters.

| MAQSTONE | Marble, Soapstone, Quartzites & More

MAQSTONE is a unique company that is specialized on the extraction and production of marble, granite, soapstone and quartzite slabs for many architectural and interior design projects all around the world.

Imetame Natural Stones

2021-10-20 · The best option in Natural Stones. IMETAME marbles, granites and quartzites. Making the difference in your project.


2007-10-4 · MINING - Operating out of our own quarries, situated in the Northeast of Brazil, we are working on established seams and exploring new mineral deposits, aiming for a growth in the choice and the improvement of materials offered to the market. The company is able to produce 15,000 cubic meters of stone per year.

Jeovan Aguiar

Sobre I would like to introduce to you our company – Minas Slate Ltda – slate mining, manufacturing and exporter. We have own slate quarries and factories in Brazil …

Brasil Quarries Importacao E Exp., ROD ES 220 KM 40 …

Brasil Quarries Importacao E Exp. at ROD ES 220 KM 40 ZONA RURAL NOVA VE NECIA ES BRASIL. Find their customers, contact information, and details on 72 shipments.

Brasil Quarries Importacao E Exp., ROD ES 220 KM 40 ...

2016-9-12 · Brasil Quarries Importacao E Exp. at ROD ES 220 KM 40 ZONA RURAL NOVA VE NECIA ES BRASIL. Find their customers, contact information, and details on 72 shipments. See Brasil Quarries Importacao E Exp. ''s products and customers ...

Graniti Export

Collection. We are focused on making the world a more beautiful place, giving people the opportunity to have in their homes a small piece of one of the greatest gifts that Mother Nature gave us, the Ornamental Stones.


MACAÚBAS / BAHIA / BRAZIL At first, everything was very difficult, access to the quarrying area was unstable, the extreme hardness of the stone made work difficult, and the shape of the deposit, composed of a vein of quartzite about eight metres thick …

Quarry Hunter – Adventures in Finding the Stones We …

2020-5-18 · Brazil has the greatest diversity of natural stone types and colors in the world and is home to over 1500 active quarries. The state of Espirito Santo itself, where Brothers is headquartered, is the epicentre of the stone trade and has some of the largest reserves of granite and marble in the country.

Bss Brazilian Stone Source Ltda, RUA ROBERTO VIVCQUA ...

Bss Brazilian Stone Source Ltda at RUA ROBERTO VIVCQUA VIEIRA N574 MORRO GRANDE CACHOEIRO 2932200 BR. Find their customers, contact information, and details on 242 shipments.

Super Clássico Natural Stones

2021-10-16 · SuperClássico has its own quarries of several different materials in several states of Brazil. +55 (28) 3538-1755. ... SUPER CLÁSSICO TRADE OF IMPORT AND EXPORT LTDA. Brazilian company specializing in the extraction and sale of exotic …

Where in the World are the Most Quarries | Francini Inc.

2017-12-24 · Poland quarries produce sandstone blocks while Brazil produces Green Ubatuba quarry stone. India''s quarries mine soapstone, used in talc production. Some of the most beautiful ecru hued marble is found in the Crema Marfil Coto marble quarry …

Brasil Quarries Imp. Exp. Ltda, BR 342 S/N

Brasil Quarries Imp. Exp. Ltda at BR 342 S/N - KM 109 - ZONA RURAL NOVA VENECIA ES 29.830-0 BRAZIL. Find their customers, contact information, and details on 7 shipments.

PBA Stones – Brazilian Stone | Natural Stone

2021-11-21 · strategically located. Our manufacturing plant is located in a prime area within the municipality of Serra, one of the most industrialized cities of the greater Vitória metropolitan area. Vitoria is the capital of Espirito Santo, one of the states of southeastern Brazil where 78% of Brazilian stone blocks and granite slabs are produced.

Brasil Quarries Importacao e Exportacao Ltda. | Dardus

Brasil Quarries Importacao e Exportacao Ltda., Nova Venécia-ES, Indústrias - Outros - Dardus. Encontre Leads e Prospects de Contatos Profissionais B2B da Brasil Quarries Importacao e Exportacao Ltda..

Mineral Stone

2019-5-2 · The search for quality and customer''s satisfaction reflects on our stone collection. Collection. Learn more about the best collection of Ornamental Stones Mineral Stone has to offer. Quarries. One of Mineral Stone partners is the owner of the Tahoe quarry which guarantees continuous supply of the material. Address. Rod. BR 101 Norte, Km 251, S ...

Distinctive granite from the quarries of Brazil

2004-4-11 · Distinctive granite from the quarries of Brazil. Brazil Stone Corp. was created in January 2000 in Carlstadt, NJ, as a distributor of Brazilian stones, specializing in slabs, tiles and cut-to-size materials. In March 2002, however, the firm took a major step, as it decided to open a sister company in Brazil to specifically invest in the country ...

Brazilian Quartzite is Naturally Beautiful

2018-4-6 · Brazilian Quartzite is Naturally Beautiful Brazilian quartzite, a natural stone, is famous for its unique composition, color, and natural beauty. There are more than 300 export processing plants in Brazil for natural stone, as well as hundreds of quarries and blocks being exported to Italy, China, India, and Taiwan where the stone can be processed.

History of the Brazilian Stone Market

2017-9-5 · Even today, natural stone is a leading export and driving force for the Brazilian economy. Now, there are more than 300 export processing plants in Brazil for natural stone, as well as hundreds of quarries and blocks being exported to Italy, China, India, …

News: Brasil Quarries expands

2006-7-1 · SERRA, BRAZIL -Brasil Quarries Imp. e Exp. Ltda.''s new office buildings occupy over 600 cubic meters, and the company is pleased to now work out of its own space. All buildings have been built with wood frames, and many large glass panels.

Exploring the quarries of Ceará

2008-7-1 · A few hours outside the city of Fortaleza, Brazil - which is renowned for its pristine beaches - stone aficionados can find a seemingly endless range of quarry sites for exotic materials as well as traditional stones. Most of the quarries are in the vicinity of the city of Sobral, which quarry operators and prospectors use as a home base when ...

Downloads | Levantina

Brazil Granite Collection Leaflet ... Levantina has its own quarries as well as an extraordinary logistics and distribution network, which means guaranteed supply. Learn more. Experience. Founded in 1959, Levantina has been forging realities out of Natural Stone ever since. The firm places its experience and know-how at the disposal of its ...

GSM Group

2021-1-19 · GSM Group is backed with 20 years of experience on the dimensional stone business and recognized worldwide for the quality of its products, innovation on operations and supply capacity supported by its solid expertise on quarry research and development. Quarries are located in Minas Gerais and Espirito Santo state in Brazil, equipped with state ...

Quartzite Quarries In Brazil

2021-11-15 · Brazil. Red Jasper Quartzite- Red Xango Quartzite Quarry. ATLAS MINERAL RESOURCES LTDA. Brazil. Azul Macaubas Quartzite Quarry. Macaubas Pedras Ornamentais. Brazil. Infinity White - White Macaubas, Super White Quartzite Quarry. Mineracao Grupo Borchardt.